Multiple Intelligence Advantage

Reveal Their Full Potential

MI Advantage™ helps your employees recognize their unique intellect, boost confidence levels and learn how to put all of their intelligences to work. Founded on Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences theory, this assessment provides a more rounded view of your employees by looking at the following types of intelligence: bodily-kinesthetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, linguistic, logical-mathematical, musical, naturalist, spatial and existential. Multiple intelligences theory has been used successfully by thousands of people around the world.

Boost Performance in the Workplace

MI Advantage provides valuable information about an individual’s intelligence levels and reveals ways to boost their performance and workplace potential. Using the suggested strategies, your employees will learn how to further develop their strengths and make optimal use of them – even using them to improve less-developed intelligences.
They’ll learn about the role each intelligence plays in the workplace, how abilities are affected by different types of intelligences, and how interactions with colleagues, supervisors, employees and customers can benefit from the ability to understand each other’s perspectives.

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Every Individual’s Personal Report includes:

  • Introduction to Multiple Intelligences Theory
  • Clear description of each intelligence
  • Visual bar graph with intelligence scores and how it related to daily life
  • Examples of famous people who demonstrate a strong particular intelligence
  • How each intelligence is used in the workplace
  • Methods to leverage their intelligences in the workplace
  • Careers matched to their intelligence results
  • Cross-intelligence strengthening strategies
  • Recommended activities and strategies to develop each intelligence

Your Employees will appreciate the:

  • Privacy of a personal portfolio with their own user name and password
  • Illustrated, easy-to-use five-point Likert rating scale
  • 72 questions that take 15 minutes or less to complete
  • Online format—can be completed at the office or home
  • Ability to print or pdf their report for easy sharing with counsellors
  • Option to stop and resume the assessment at a later time
  • Instantaneous reports after completing the questions
  • Explanation of intelligences
  • Strategies to use stronger intelligences to boost lower-scoring intelligences

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